Body Language Can Make You Or Break Your Attractiveness!

Flirting Body Language Signs1 300x225 Body Language Can Make You Or Break Your Attractiveness!What is body language? Simply put: it is the postures, facial expressions and gestures a person makes through a number of emotional, mental and physical states, using non-verbal communication to talk to others.




The Importance Of Body Language To Create Attraction

Do you know how important body language is? When it comes to everyday life, 90 percent of all communication is made with body language. Therefore, it’s not just your mouth that communicates with people; your body will also exude communication too.

So, when it comes to women, how your body sends signals is going to tell them if you are someone they should try and get to know better.

Example: You stick to the wall, with your arms folded across your chest and looking down – are you likely to attract a woman this way? Probably not!

Other signs of bad body language include:

– Tense shoulders
– Crossing legs while sitting down
– Excessive smiling
– Moving too quickly
– No strong eye contact
– No eye contact when shaking someone’s hand

How Can You Use Body Language To Attract Women

So, how should you use communication to get women to notice you? Well, you don’t need to sit on the wall, with your hands in your pockets and looking down at the ground, kicking the dirt near you. You need to come across as the alpha male.

1 – Stand Like An Alpha Male

Whatever the situation is, you need to appear relaxed. Don’t look apologetic for how you move in a room. You want women to be attracted to the alpha male in you. Therefore, you need to do the following things:

– Stand up straight
– Relax your hands at your side
– Have relaxed shoulders
– Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart
– Give a slight smile
– Put your chest out and your shoulders back

2 – Walk With Confidence

When you’re an alpha male, you go through life without a care in the world – as if you are entitled to things, which are seen through your body language. Women will notice this and will feel attracted to you because of it. Therefore, you need to do the following things:

– Stand tall
– Move slowly
– Have a swagger
– Hold your head up high

3 – Be Comfortable With Yourself

Alpha males are comfortable with themselves and in whatever situation they are in. If you want to attract women in a social environment, you need to do the following things:

– Smile like you’re having a good time
– Turn away from people who are insulting you
– Face toward the people you are talking to
– Don’t hold your drink near your chest
– Keep constant eye contact with people

Positive Body Language Leads To Attraction

When you talk to women, you need to show positive body language to create and keep the attraction going. Therefore, you should do:

– Speak clear and loud
– Slightly lean back
– Hold the contact with their eyes
– Stand feet apart, shoulder width

Women and Their Friends

Why is it that body language is the end all, be all with attracting women? Well, it boils down to one thing: her friends. If you’re in a club, they’re not going to be able to hear what you’re saying to their friend and will use your body language to judge you.

If they don’t like the body signals you are sending, they’re going to pull their friend away. If a girl leans into you, her friends are going to notice that she wants to stay with you.

Now if you want to learn the nitty gritty stuff on body language, i’ll recommend you a great course that teaches that. Iwrote about his course The Tao Of Badass on this page. It’s from Joshua Pellicer, the pick up artist. Amazing stuff, guys…

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