How To Get A Girl’s Number (This Works 99,9% Of The Time!)

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Patrick from here and today we will be showing “you”……

How to get a girl’s number!

This can be hard for a lot of newbies and shy men out here. But it all comes down to practice and not saying “stupid” stuff hehe.

Now, i learned this tactic a while ago from a Pick up Artist called Josh Pellicer. Read more about Josh here.

This is a very easy, comfortable, non-begging and confident way to ask a girl’s number without getting rejected and yeah it is really genius. You see, women don’t like pressure and especially if a guy puts pressure on the spot. Asking her number in a way that a lot of guys do, definitely puts awful pressure on her. This tactic is going to avoid that and instead will make you seem confident, not creepy and mysterious.

Discover this tactic in the video below

Watch it, try it out and let me know if your phone is filled with women icon wink How To Get A Girls Number (This Works 99,9% Of The Time!)

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